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Alumni Activities

A living institution always makes a significant impact on everything it touches on the minds and dreams and characters of students, on the plethora of ideas, opinions, perspectives and their practical application as we transfer knowledge and innovations to the world beyond our campus, and on the communities with which we actively engage with locally and around the globe. As we inspire our students, sometimes they repay us in full measure. The alumni plays varied roles in the wider society and many of them hold key positions of influence which direct the development of society in one way or the other. This way the alumni giving amazing support to the alma matter has resulted in :

  1. Guest Lectures and Training :
    To the students where the alumni have visited and shared their rich and inspiring experiences creating awareness amongst them about the competitive world outside the campus. They not only are mentors or speakers but every single act of giving, no matter how big or small it seems definitely supports the institution.

  2. Student Placements and Internships :
    The connect and coordination between the T & P cell and the Alumni is resulting in the creation of a goodwill about the campus in the minds of the employers and thus they are providing their whole hearted support as recruiters or interviewers assisting with admission interviews or placements or as a donor or sponsor supporting student learning opportunities in enhancing the rate of Campus Recruitments and internships too.

  3. Alumni Meetings / Reunions :
    Alumni reunions are welcomed by some and dreaded by others. Either way a planned reunion can be a lot of fun and those who dreaded coming would also make it. Every year, the Alumni meets committee is responsible for holding such meets in the metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc . These are one such gatherings where all the alumni are basked in this happy moment and proud to have their family and friends watching them. Such appreciation event is also complemented by presenting specially designed appreciation certificate and a souvenir quoting the developments happened so far. This would not have been possible without the active participation of our alumni which the institution would heartily thank them for.

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  • Online Alumni Meet planned on 11th September, 2021( Second Saturday) from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM. Hence all the Alumni are requested to register and participate in the meet and make it Success. Click here for schedule

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RGM Alumni Meet at Hong Kong on 08.10.2023

RGM Alumni Meet at Hong Kong on 08.10.2023

RGM Alumni Meet at Singapore on 04.08.2023

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