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On-Going Projects

# Title of the Project Name of the Investigator Department Funding Organization Details of the Sanction
Amount in Rupees Period in Years Year of Sanction
1 Design and develop instruments/ systems for measuring the electrical and bio- Photon responses from plants and for generating stimulus Dr .P.V Gopi Krishna Rao ECE SSASR 10,50,000 2015
2 Development and performance evaluation of high efficient solar hot fluid generator (100-120°C) based dryer for agro-industrial application Dr. V. Siva Reddy ME SERB, New Delhi 2,598,030 3 2016
3 Optical Properties of rare earth doped phosphate glasses Mr. Syed Farooq Physics UGC 210,000 2 2017
4 Synthesis and optical characterization of Rare Earths Activated Lead Boreate Oxyfluoride Glasses for Solid State Lasers Dr. G. C. Jamalaiah Physics UGC 150,000 2 2017
5 Design of CNT based TSVs for a realistic 3D Integrated Circuits Dr. V. Ramesh Kumar ECE SERB, New Delhi 3,960,990 2 2017
6 Synthesis, Structural and Optical Characterization of Rare Earth Doped Transparent Glasses and Glass-Ceramics for Fiber laser Applications Dr. G. C. Jamalaiah Physics SERB, New Delhi 2,011,790 3 2017
7 Development of lanthanide doped fluoride nanoparticles for solar energy harvesting Dr. K. Venkata Krishnaiah Physics SERB, New Delhi 3,440,580 3 2017
8 Photovoltaic Inverterts with Standalone Systems Dr. D. V. Ashok Kumar EEE AICTE, New Delhi 100,000 2 2017
9 Embedded IoT Lab Dr. Suresh Rao EEE AICTE, New Delhi 380,000 2 2017
10 Design, Analysis and Practical Implementation of Digital Controlled Islanding Dection Methods for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems Dr. J. Surya Kumari EEE SERB, New Delhi 4,171,000 3 2017
11 R & D Infrastructure FIST PG College Level O Dr. P.V Gopi Krishna Rao ECE DST , New Delhi 60,000,00 5 2017
12 To Strengthen Research Facilities in all Science departments of the College [Being Private Institute, no Teaching Support] Dr. T. Jayachandra Prasad ECE DST, New Delhi 6,000,000 5 2018
13 For transfer of knowledge to enrich rura India - Unnat Bhara Abhiyan(UBA) Dr. T. Jayachandra Prasad ECE UGC - Unnat Bharat abhiyan 250,000 1 2018
14 Refresher Training Program on Advances in Mechanical Engineering Dr. Syed Altaf Hussain ME ISTE, New Delhi 300,000 1 2018
15 Moderization of IoT LAB Dr.Suresh Rao EEE Essken Micro Contoller (OPC)Pvt. Ltd, Mangalore 600,000 1 2018
16 Telecom Sector Skill Development Dr. T. Jayachandra Prasad ECE PMKVY-TI AICTE, New Delhi 1,084,800 1 2019
17 Short Term Training Program(STTP) Dr. P. V Gopi Krishna Rao ECE AICTE, New Delhi 3,000,00 6 months 2019

Completed Projects

# Title of the Project Name of the Investigator Department Funding Organization Details of the Sanction
Amount in Rupees Period in Years Year of Sanction
1 UGC Research Award - Effect of Seepage length on the behavior of Sand bed channels Dr. G. Sreenivasulu CE UGC 2,729,012 2 2015
2 Engineering Trends & Advance Sciences (NCETAS-2017) Dr. M. Ashok Kumar ME SERB, New Delhi 100,000 2014
3 Predicaments for Rural Students in English landuage acquistion: A Damage Repair Approach Dr. Y. Suneetha English UGC 290,000 2014
4 Content -Aware Email Multiclass Classification Cate Gorize emails according to senders Mrs. G. Girija Rani CSE UGC 90,000 2014
5 Influence of SORET and Dufour Effects on Convenctive Heat and Mass transfer through Porous Medium over a Stretching Sheet with Heat Generating sources Dr. P. Sudharshan Reddy Mathematics UGC 300,000 2014
6 Waste to Energy from Municap Solid Waste of Nandyal Town, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India Dr. M. Umamahesh Chemistry UGC 130,000 1 2014
7 Secured Data Transmission Using Wavelet Based STEG Anography and Cryptography sing aes Algorithm Mr. M. Indrasena Reddy CSE UGC 310,000 2 2014
8 National Conference on Signal Processing & Communications (NCSC-2013) Dr. D. Satyanarayana ECE AICTE, New Delhi 200,000 1 2013
9 Modernization of internal combustion Engines Lab Dr. K. Thirupathi Reddy ME AICTE, New Delhi 1,840,000 1 2013
10 Modernization of Software Testing Tools Lab Mr. K.Subba Reddy CSE AICTE, New Delhi 300,000 1 2013
11 Hand-drawn shape based interfacing and Authentication for Hand-held devices Dr. P. Viswanath CSE AICTE, New Delhi 450,000 2 2010
12 Analysis and Implementation of Control Techniques for Power factor Correction using Bosst Topology Mr. D. Lenine EEE AICTE, New Delhi 500,000 2 2012
13 Design and Development of composite material Dr. K. Thirupathi Reddy ME AICTE, New Delhi 1,100,000 2 2012
14 A short term training programme on Design and Simulation of Advance Process Control Applications Dr.K. Muralidhara Reddy ECE AICTE, New Delhi 420,000 2 2012
15 Modernization of Power Electronics and Simualation Lab Mrs. K. Sri Gowri EEE AICTE, New Delhi 700,000 1 2012
16 Implementation of DTC IM Drive Based on SVPWM Based DPWM Techniques for reduced current ripple & inverter switching losses Mrs. K. Sri Gowri EEE AICTE, New Delhi 490,000 2 2011
17 Modernization of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinary Lab Dr. K. Thirupathi Reddy ME AICTE, New Delhi 650,000 1 2011

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