Rajeev Gandhi Memorial
College Of Engineering & Technology
Autonomous Institution
Approved by AICTE - New Delhi
Affiliated to JNTUA Anantapuramu
Counselling Code:


National Board of Accreditation

(Visit Scheduled on 24th - 26th, November 2023)

Institute Level - NBA 2023

  1 Video Tour of programme specific facilities

  2 Institutional Presentation (PPT):

  3 Course files (first year courses- 4 nos. one from sc., one math’s, and two others), Course file must contain COs, mapping, Target of COs and attainment,            Semester session Plan, Sample T-L resources, assignments, mid-term papers and end-term papers

      • Course Files

  4 Laboratory record/manual including, assessment, rubrics and their implementation for first year

      • Lab Details

  5 Time table of first year for all three assessment years

      • Student Time Table

  6 Faculty list of first year (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)

      • Faculty List

  7 Student list of CAY for all four years

      • Student List

  8 Composition of GC/GB, Senate and other Academic and Administrative bodies, their functions and responsibilities. List of all the meetings held in the past 3            years along with the attendance record, minutes and action taken reports of a few meetings of such bodies along with the list of current faculty members             who are members of such bodies.

      • Governing Body Meetings
      • Academic Council Meetings
      • Joint Boards of Studies Meetings
      • Internal Quality Assessment Meetings
      • HOD’s Meetings
      • Women Empowerment Cell Meetings
      • Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee / Internal Complaint Committee Meetings
      • Anti-Ragging Committees
      • Finance Committee
      • SC ST Committee
      • Disciplinary Committee
      • Academic Section (Exam Branch)

  9 Listing of core, computing and manufacturing

  10 Feedback forms of faculty, course, facilities and sample corrective actions

  11 Proof of delegation of financial powers along with its implementation for all 3 assessment years (Sample only)